Saris Superclamp EX Hitch Bike Rack Reviews

Another hitch bike rack in the review list I want to mention in today’s article. The list will be expanded, so yeah, follow it and I’m sure you will have some good stuff for this end of year season.

Best for

Saris Superclamp EX Hitch Bike Rack
Saris Superclamp EX Hitch Bike Rack
  • Families in need of a tray rack system for hanging standard adult bikes, especially any family, have an 8 years old kid (the size should be 24’) so 4-member-family who are going on picnics regularly. It is much more comfortable to ride around by yourself rather than having someone in the back.
  • Seasonal bikers want to keep their bike track still on the vehicle and enjoy a short-constructed stand.
  • People who want to put their bikes close to one another so that the rack would not protrude far

Unsuitable for

  • Veteran mountain climbers carrying numerous mountain bikes on their rack. It might lead to the situation of scratching and you don’t want your thousand-dollar bikes to get damaged.
  • Bikes who want a flexible and adjustable rack that can change the capacity easily.  


Generally, a platform hitch rack does not take tremendous effort to grasp, and the SuperClamp is not an exception in this case. There are quite a few reasons why a platform hitch rack belongs to the more luxurious options among the market. There is no need to lift the shelf above the head or use a top-tube adapter for the sloping top tube bike rack. Your bike is safe from scratches.

All you have to do is place the bike’s wheel into the rack tray, which is adjustable depending on your wheelbase. Then, adjust the arms fore or aft, so they sit nicely on the tires, and keep pinching down the shepherd’s hooks until they start to secure the tires safely.

If you want additional security, try to tighten the wheel strap after looping it around the rear wheel. This whole process will take you around a minute to safely load up a bike on the rack. Therefore, packing up for your entire family will take around five minutes or so.

The tray for the rear wheel (tray A) can be adjusted with ease, while the one for the front wheel (tray B) can hardly move more than an inch. Thus, most of the adjusting process will happen with tray A to fit your bike’s size in different wheelbase lengths. However, it would be best if you still kept tray A close to the shepherd’s hook so that it can be clipped to your tire.

Outstanding Features

The Thule T2 Pro XT 2 Hitch Bike Rack
The Thule T2 Pro XT 2 Hitch Bike Rack

The Saris SuperClamp EX makes itself steer clear from its peers by having a set of double shepherd’s hooks for every single bike you have to load on – one to clamp down on the front wheel and the other for the rear wheel. In contrast, most racks you encounter will have only one hook for the rear wheel. It was also unique to have two bikes mounted on the same horizontal frame to save the area.

This functionality allows the two bikes to stay close to each other, making the entire rack (with or without the bikes) become much more compact and has a much shorter construction.

From the stability perspective, the SuperClamp EX could give its peers a long run. Once you safely secure your bikes on the rack, there is no need to worry about clanking or swaying during the ride. The whole frame is a harmonious combination between unobtrusive and firmness.


Standardly, the SuperClamp can easily fit a wheel with a size from 20” up to 50” without the help of any extra clamp.

Nevertheless, there is a downside of the two shepherd hooks on each arm that the two bicycles have to be correctly aligned so that the pins can grip the tires soundly and firmly. The manufacturer has come up with several distinct sets for both adult and kid bikes, and they are having some problems when introducing the 20″ kid bike to the group.

The 20″ wheel is simply short to compare with the adult bike (which is also correct for the wheelbase) to fit in this setup. Even being placed right next to the 24″ bike, it is challenging (if not impossible) to correctly line the 20″ bike up with the other one. The tray A has spacious room to move around but still not enough to accommodate a 20″ cycle when you need to.

While the front shepherd’s hook can be gripped firmly to the front tire, the rear one cannot be clamped down, and the tire rests solely on it. So the only option available is to secure the bike by looping the wheel strap around the wheel and tighten it. In this way, you could comfortably transport the 20″.

Space between bikes

The Yakima Products Hold Up Hitch Bike Rack
The Yakima Products Hold Up Hitch Bike Rack

The gap between each space of the SuperClamp is wide enough to accommodate most standard bikes on the market these days of age. So this rack is perfect for any type of bike you can find in the market. Yet, if you possess four mountain bikes with a broad hand bar, then, as I said before, try to find another rack like a Thule T2 Pro XT is the SuperClamp does not offer enough space to accommodate them.

As the bicycles are stacked facing each other, try to have an adult bike followed by kids’ one to avoid the contact between the handlebars due to the difference in the height of the bikes.


Having blabbed about all of the perks of the SuperClamp for the whole day, it would be unforgivable if I forget to mention how low its profile is. The SuperClamp has a super short construction while being used and folded up. The unlockable folding push bar is on the external rack arm’s edge, making it easy to reach. While some other higher-end racks have the rack arm right in the middle, so using them is quite tiresome.


The Retrospec Hitch Bike Rack
The Retrospec Hitch Bike Rack

Well, people will find putting a rack on their vehicle a real hassle as it would take them at least a whole day long to be effectively functional. As for the SuperClamp, it only requires around 45 minutes to get installed on your car. All you need to have are an 8mm hex key along with an adjustable wrench to mount the rack on your vehicle. For the newcomers, on the company website, there is a detailed video about how to put the frame on your car. Follow the steps carefully, and you will face no problem placing the rack on your vehicle.


If you require a rack that can accommodate your whole family’s bikes for outdoor activities, mostly 24″ kid’s bikes, then this is what for you. The shepherd’s hook design makes this rack easy to load or unload your bike without any effort at all; even a kid can do it. And its capacity is another plus point for you to consider buying it if your garage is not spacious.